Good living starts with good Architecture. Passivhaus is the long-awaited Architectural influence. Exploring it simply!

I am an Architect and Passivhaus enthusiast.

I’ve been working in the residential sector for most of my career and am convinced that we (Architects, developers, contractors) should all be promoting design of high quality buildings.

While I am sure most will agree with the above statement, many are still to be convinced that this high quality should be the Passivhaus standard.

My blog aims to explore why I believe it is necessary for architects and developers to adopt Passivhaus standards. I will highlight advantages, and disadvantages, through case-studies that focus on the value-added to clients in terms of time, cost and quality, and of course, comfort.

I aim to do the above by de-bunking myths in an easy-to-understand style.

Feel free to comment, share, and visit again.

Tara Gbolade (pronounced Boladé)